The Winter Season is Here

by / Monday, 30 December 2013 / Published in Car Care Tips

During the late autumn and winter months, corrosion of automobiles and trucks from road salts occurs at an alarming rate. State DOTs have progressed from the use of sand and salt, sodium chloride, to calcium and magnesium chloride for street, bridge, and highway de-icing/anti-icing. These new road salts are more effective at de-icing our roads and bridges while being much safer for the environment. Although an excellent solution for the relief of traffic congestion and accidents, these new road salts are far more corrosive to the vehicles we drive.

These de-icers build up on the underbodies of cars and trucks, along with oily road soil and dirt, which forms a heavily compacted and difficult to remove corrosion cocktail.  Such deposits are extremely corrosive: resulting in rust, oil pan corrosion, electrical wire harness corrosion, etc. The effects of corrosion can adversely affect the life, resale value, and trade in value of a vehicle.

Combat these corrosive deposits by washing your car regularly throughout the winter months and purchasing wash packages that include a High Pressure Underbody Wash like those we offer here at Mister G’s. At Mister G’s we offer three different wash packages that include a High Pressure Underbody Wash….that’s more than the competition!